2024/5 Photographic Events

Rules and Conditions of Submission

  1. Submissions are invited for this event, run by the Landscape Trust in 2024/5. By entering, you agree to be bound by these rules.
  2. In these rules:
    1. “the National Landscape” means the Arnside and Silverdale National Landscape, officially designated as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty
    2. “the Landscape Trust” means The Arnside / Silverdale AONB Landscape Trust, which is a registered charity in England and Wales, number 702624
    3. “the Event” means the call for Images to be selected for either (or both) the Calendar and the Exhibition.
    4. “the Calendar” means the 2025 Arnside & Silverdale Landscape Trust Calendar
    5. “the Exhibition” means the photographic celebration and exhibition in June 2025 as part of the Silverdale & Arnside Art & Craft Trail
    6. “the Photographer” means a person who submits one or more photographs to the Event
    7. “Image” means an entry in the competition submitted by a Photographer.
    8. “the Selection Panel” means the group of people appointed by the Landscape Trust to select Images for inclusion in the Calendar or the Exhibition.
  3. Any person who is resident in the UK may submit up to eight Images in total.
  4. All Images must be of, or taken within, the National Landscape. The aim of both the Calendar and the Exhibition is to show the National Landscape as it is and photographs which have been heavily or artificially manipulated are unlikely to be featured. Our preference is for a full colour calendar, so whilst monochrome entries will not be excluded from consideration, do bear in mind that they may be less likely to be picked for inclusion in the Calendar.
  5. All Images for the Event must be in a renderable digital image format (JPEG, GIF, or PNG) and must not contain any digital watermarks, electronic signatures, or any other means of identifying the Photographer from a visual examination of the Image. Images must be submitted using the upload form on the Landscape Trust website and accompanied by the following information:
    1. The name and email contact details of the photographer
    2. The title of the picture
    3. The location of the picture
    4. An appropriate category for the submitted Image, selected from the options presented on the submission form. (NOTE: Category selection need only be approximate and is open to the judgement of the Photographer. The categories used are intended solely for the purpose of easing the work of the Selection Panel. Final categorisation of Images may differ if the Selection Panel deems such changes are necessary or appropriate.)
  6. For any Images including a clear likeness of people, it is the Photographer’s responsibility to ensure that, where possible, all necessary permissions are obtained from people featured in an Image and that they are fully informed that the Image has been submitted to this Event. Photo release forms will be sent to those Photographers whose Image(s) are shortlisted for final selection and which are deemed by the Selection Panel to require them. This form will need to be completed and signed by the people in the Image (or, in the case of minors, their legal guardian). 
  7. Images must be submitted to the Landscape Trust before the closing date(s) indicated on the submission web page.  Late entries will only be considered at the discretion of the Selection Panel. 
  8. Images for the Exhibition can be in any aspect ratio and resolution. Images for the Calendar will be selected from those that match the requirements for printing at A4 in landscape format: digital images of not less than 2480 x 3508 pixels, in horizontal format, featuring a subject within the theme of the Calendar (Plants and Animals of the National Landscape) and submitted before the cut-off date indicated on the submission web page.
  9. By submitting an Image, the Photographer warrants that it is their own original work and that it has not previously been published. The Photographer will indemnify the Landscape Trust against any costs, claims, actions or damages incurred by the Landscape Trust arising from use of any Images submitted in accordance with these rules. 
  10. The Photographer will retain copyright in respect of any Images they submit, but the Photographer grants to the Landscape Trust an irrevocable, non-exclusive licence to use such Images, without payment to the Photographer:
    1. In the Event and the 2025 Calendar;
    2. In such other ways as the Landscape Trust deems fit, including on websites, in electronic and broadcast media, in exhibitions, and in publications, postcards and greetings cards, whether offered for sale or not.

    All Images which are used in accordance with this rule will credit the Photographer.

  11. The Photographer also grants the Landscape Trust the right to crop at its discretion any Image as appropriate for that Image’s use. This will normally be restricted to the minimum amount of cropping in order to achieve the precise aspect ratio required for that use.
  12. All Images submitted for the Event will be assessed by a Selection Panel nominated by the Landscape Trust for inclusion in the Exhibition and/or the Calendar. The Images seen by the Selection Panel will not include any Photographer information. 
  13. The Photographer of any Image featured in the Calendar will be given one copy of the finished Calendar for each of their Images used.
  14. Members of the Landscape Trust Committee and their immediate families may submit Images to the Event but will not be eligible for any prizes (other than a copy of the Calendar, if selected for inclusion).
  15. All decisions taken by the Landscape Trust and the Selection Panel in relation to the Event are final, and no correspondence will be entered into.
  16. The interpretation of these Rules and the adjudication of any legal dispute shall be in accordance with the law in England.